The crazy boys from Rostock are rocking the house!

“Rock ‘n’ roll is alive” – but anyone expecting the Crazy Boys to be a pure dance band for nostalgics can take a seat right back. The four guys from Rostock are authentic representatives of the 50s in every respect, from head to toe. Their style is unique, their songs original, and they are a band made for spectacular shows and cool clubs.

The Crazy Boys are a band not only of big shows, but also of cool clubs.

Their brand new CD “Jump on the table” is far more than just a polite invitation – it is pure, intoxicating energy. The Crazy Boys deliver a sound that catapults fans straight back to the wild days of the 1950s and makes it unmistakably clear what rock ‘n’ roll means:

Rebellion, breaking taboos and absolute freedom!

“Jump on the table!” – this call is the programme. When the Crazy Boys take the stage, standing still is no longer an option. They present hits of the 50s in their very own way, embodying the same rebellious spirit as the originals, but also ready to put their own stamp on it. With their own written pieces, they add to the repertoire in a breathtaking way and prove that they are not only heirs to rock ‘n’ roll, but also creators of timeless music.

The Crazy Boys are more than just a band – they are a living tribute to an era that shaped rock ‘n’ roll. Their stage shows are spectacular, their performance is thrilling, and their distinctive style is a tribute to the freedom and fun that this style of music embodies. When the Crazy Boys play, no one stays in their seat – it’s time to jump on the table and dance like there’s no tomorrow!

With their music, the Crazy Boys prove that rock ‘n’ roll does not linger in the past, but is just as alive today as it was in the wild 50s. Let yourselves be enchanted by their rousing energy and unique style – it’s time to conquer the table and dance!

The Crazy Boys

Waldi Weichselbaumer
Alexander Paschen
Mathias Behrens
Fritz Mikefoun

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